Monthly Themes 2021-22


  • Submit up to 5 images for each monthly theme​
  • Sizing: ​
    • Landscape Orientation – 3840 pixels on the long side ​
    • Portrait Orientation 2160 pixels on the long side ​
  • (Not sure how to do this?, we can help!)​
  • Label your image(s) = Your Name & Image Number​

e.g. J Doe 1, J Doe 2, etc….​

Participation is our Goal! – If you would prefer to remain Anonymous, ​

Please indicate your preference to remain anonymous within your email submission.​

Submit your images to:

Theme Details

October: “Nova Scotia Autumn”Fall colours are just around the corner and why not celebrate what our great province serves up every year. Images should best reflect what a Nova Scotia Autumn means to you. As a reminder, every member can submit up to 5 images. Submission deadlines will follow shortly.

November: “Action/Motion”Images should represent movement of some kind…be it a fast car, a fast bird, or fast children! As long as there is some kind of motion!

December: “Macro”Images for this month should be all about things up close and personal. Be it something outside or something around the house, get up close and give it some photographic love!We will be posting the next grouping of themes later this year…Now get out there and start making some shutter noise!

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  1. can you add the deadline for submitting the images for each showcase? s it always the last Saturday of the month?

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