Club Information

  • Monthly Themes 2023-24
    September  July/Aug: Where my summer vacation took me October  Mirror Mirror – Reflections November  Creative – Rule breaking and layering December  Nature/Wildlife/Birds January  Slow Shutter Speeds February  Monochrome March  Winter April  Street May  Macro/Close ups June  Portrait Submit up to 5 images for each monthly theme If you would prefer to remain Anonymous, Please indicate… Continue reading Monthly Themes 2023-24
  • Monthly Themes 2022-23
    Monthly Themes What are monthly themes?….Monthly themes are month long challenges, designed to help you explore your photography from different perspectives. They are meant to challenge but be fun. All we ask is that you try to shoot with intent to honor the theme! We will post the deadline for image submissions as the date… Continue reading Monthly Themes 2022-23
  • Committee Positions Role Reference 2022-2023
    Find the attached PDF document with a description of the roles associated with the Sackville Photography Club.
  • Contitutional Updates for 2022
    The Ongoing Evolution of the SPC… Since the founding of the Sackville Photography Club with the original eight members in 1988, our small organization has grown at a steady rate and evolved significantly. This evolution is visible through our various activities, the content we provide, and even the methods by which we interact. Our rate… Continue reading Contitutional Updates for 2022
  • Monthly Themes 2021-22
    Guideline Submit up to 5 images for each monthly theme​ Sizing: ​ Landscape Orientation – 3840 pixels on the long side ​ Portrait Orientation 2160 pixels on the long side ​ (Not sure how to do this?, we can help!)​ Label your image(s) = Your Name & Image Number​ e.g. J Doe 1, J Doe 2, etc….​ Participation… Continue reading Monthly Themes 2021-22