On-line Meeting: September 15, 2021

In addition to SPC News and regular Business, our second meeting of this season will feature:

Mike Donahue – will be introducing and guiding us through our first image critique of this season. Constructive critique is a skill that every photographer can use to their advantage – We can augment that advantage by having a panel of members critique images which provides a variety of viewpoints and suggestions

Mark Klaamas – will chat about planning your photographic endeavors, as a key skill to capture an image and have it match or exceed what you envision as you channel your skills and imagination toward the creation of an image.

Our Showcase Coordinator James Somers has been diligently working at assembling the images submitted to our Summer Showcases: (and submitted again in some cases)
Thus we’ll have a viewing of our two summer showcases “Flying Birds” & “How I Spent My Summer”.

We look forward to seeing everyone online this Wednesday, from the comfort of your home!
Pull up a chair, grab a snack, pour yourself a beverage and enjoy the meeting!