Meeting: April 3, 2024

Welcome to April, I hope everyone has been enjoying their long weekend, and got plenty of chocolate!!  

This week our guest speaker is our very own Pat O’Malley; Pat has not one….but TWO topics to share with us this week, 

#1 Magic Hour – a definition and explanation of sunset and the twilights along with my approach to shooting them. I have unedited photos for the explanation of shooting through this period and additional edited examples of some of my results.

#2 ND (Neutral Density) Filter primer – The presentation includes unedited photos of the effects of ND filters as well as why and how I use them for sunrise/sunset photography. This presentation includes edited photos of some of my results as well.

So if you are interested in learning about neutral density filters and/or shooting sunsets/twilights this is the meeting for you.

After the break I will be hosting a tech talk on how to blend photos together using photoshop, this is perfect for landscapes, seascapes, cityscapes…well just about every “scape” you can think of.

Just a friendly reminder that our monthly showcase theme for April is “Street”. 

Submissions are due this Sunday April 14th at 11:59pm.

• Submit up to 5 images for each monthly theme

  • Sizing:
  • Landscape Orientation – 1920 pixels on the long side
  • Portrait Orientation 1080 pixels on the long side
  • (Not sure how to do this?, we can help!)
  • Label your image(s) = Your Name & Image Number e.g. J Doe 1, J Doe 2, etc….

If you would prefer to remain Anonymous,
Please indicate your preference to remain anonymous within your email submission.
Submit your images to:

Our May monthly theme will be “Macro”.  May monthly showcase photos will be due Sunday May 12th at 11:59pm.

If you haven’t renewed your membership, or would like to join; you can do so by clicking here. For membership renewals, your membership number will be displayed at the bottom of this email. 

As always, we will present regular News and Club Business, along with our regular updates to round out our evening. 
We look forward to seeing everyone  this Wednesday