Monthly Themes 2022-23

Monthly Themes

What are monthly themes?….Monthly themes are month long challenges, designed to help you explore your photography from different perspectives.

They are meant to challenge but be fun. All we ask is that you try to shoot with intent to honor the theme! We will post the deadline for image submissions as the date gets closer.

September: Landscape – anything and everything

Landscape can easily be defined as anything that illustrates our environment in this beautiful province….be it coastal, waterfalls, farmers’ fields, cityscapes, woodlands or anything in between. A good easy challenge to start off the season!

October: Nova Scotia Fall – go capture some color!

We are lucky to live in a province that offers up some of the most amazing fall colors in North America…we would all be remiss to not take advantage. I know from my own explorations….one does not need to go to Cape Breton to witness some amazing changes!

November: Monochrome Magic – portraits, landscapes…anything else!

November can be grey and cooler…. setting us up for what is to come in the dead of winter. Why not embrace it? All you need is a good black and white conversion or try shooting in a monochrome setting…if you shoot in jpeg and not raw…the image will save as a monochrome image…no conversion required!

December: The Colors of The Holiday Season

Simple…it is the holidays… anything goes…but keep it colorful!

January: Scavenger Hunt

Collect five images, one from each of the following five Categories:​

  • A Landscape Image containing a water body. ​
  • The Colour Blue (Core Colour in the Image)​
  • A Portrait (Any Kind of Portrait)​
  • Footprints (must be footprints found in January)​
  • A Bridge…(day or night, short or long, big or small)​

February: Weather: Good Bad and the Ugly – anything weather related

Clouds, rain, snow…wind………..sun. Just get out and enjoy the weather!

March: Street Photography redefined – (5 images from your own street)

The idea behind this theme is to create a 5-image collection that best defines how you see the street you live on. Perspective…day/night…give your street a hard look in a way you may never have in the past!

April: Wildlife

If it flies, swims or walks on 4 or more legs…capture a 5-set collection. 5 separate animals work…or maybe 5 images of the same species from a different perspective.

May: Portraits – Start the spring off right with some portrait fun…

Studio, Off-camera flash, natural light, family, headshots, or anything else that makes what you think is a good portrait!

June and Summer: Where my Vacation Took Me

Document your summer vacation fun…be it travel based or just home with family. Shows us what made your summer vacation so good!

Submission Guide​

  • Submit up to 5 images for each monthly theme​
  • Sizing: ​
  • Landscape Orientation – 1920 pixels on the long side ​
  • Portrait Orientation 1080 pixels on the long side ​
  • (Not sure how to do this?, we can help!)​
  • Label your image(s) = Your Name & Image Number​

e.g. J Doe 1, J Doe 2, etc….​

Participation is our Goal! – If you would prefer to remain Anonymous, ​

Please indicate your preference to remain anonymous within your email submission.​

Submit your images to: