Contitutional Updates for 2022

The Ongoing Evolution of the SPC…

Since the founding of the Sackville Photography Club with the original eight members in 1988, our small organization has grown at a steady rate and evolved significantly. This evolution is visible through our various activities, the content we provide, and even the methods by which we interact. Our rate of evolution has been accellerated over the past few years due to the trying times of health related restrictions.

In order to best prepare for any changes needed in the future, and in an effort to reflect the methods by which we currently operate, The SPC Executive team has been working on a modernized version of the SPC’s constitution. The modernization of the constitution mirrors the changes that have been implimented since the last amendments to our the SPC constitution were applied in 2014. As the work to update the constitution is nearing completion we are hoping that each and every SPC member will take the time to review the draft copy of the document that we have made available below so that members may bring forward any changes, thoughts, or concerns before we finalize the draft and conduct a vote to ratify the updated constitution in the very near future.

In order to review the document, please select one of the two links below that will permit you to download and open the PDF document.

Hosted via Microsoft OneDrive

Hosted via SPC Website

If you have question or concerns that you wish to relay, please let us know via email submission to the SPC Executive Team.